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This is indeed rare drop and only time when we have seen it drop was when we did the 3 minute gauntlet achievement Commentaire de Ickthid Since when does he drop Netherwing eggs? Since I couldn’t beat the raid on my instance lock yesterday, went in again just now and whooped him first try Pretty easy, still waiting for drop however. All the melee hammered at his front. Achievements, speed of the kill, none of this will effect it. Commentaire de SylvanElf What’s the odds a level 85 rogue could do this?

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InspectEquip InspectEquip attache un panneau à la inspecter fenêtre qui affiche une liste de l’équipement du personnage, triés par source c. Was just doing the daily with my friends. Overall not a bad investment. Commentaire de Mnemnosyne Or loot that’s determined by how you kill things. After this sweet atlsloot drops, to Stonecore normal! Commentaire de Fiblara As of 5.

World of Warcraft ralentissement graphique [Fermé]

Ainsi ora3 est un addon très polyvalent atlsloot demande un certain temps d’adaptation dû à ses nombreuses aptitudes. Bon courage à ceux qui le farme. Figured ahlasloot that a nice reliable way to pull atlxsloot with http: Though when running around Dalaran I would see people with the Black Proto-Drake I would say to myself « Damn, that IS one cool ass dragon mount » and kinda be inspired to try to get a proto-drake one day.

I’m not sure exactly how rare this is but I know I got really, really lucky! Commentaire de Breloute Obtenu après essais. Commenter la réponse de quebecfirst. Commentaire de Azeraphael Got it from the 2nd run and won it with atlasloo fair need roll: Pthe first boss can be skipped.


atlasloot 5.0.5

Just don’t stand in the void zones and it’s over within minutes. Burning your Holy Power for nothing else but Word of Glory is a good idea as well. Commentaire de gamemaniak Atoasloot position of the beams depends on how Atlasloor is positioned at the time the portals are created.

I love this mount and feel very fortunate to have acquired it without farming for it: Heroic leap over mobs.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de shadowaninja This mount drops only if someone is your party is exalted with the Argent Dawn Crusade. Shifting out of berserker stance helps for obvious reasons.

Bet that guy really atlassloot me: A tank with equal gear should have no problems at all. Rolled 11 and the winner won it for The exception was that it was possible to stay in the red beam all the time and still survive which helped a lot.

Commentaire de Peppitto Yeah! Healers stayed in for the entire green portal, 3 tanks on red portal switching out due to the 90 second exhaustion – prot stay in as long as possible, arms in for remainder of portal, druid takes next portal, stay in as long as possible, prot jumps in, and repeated in that order. I noticed there is atlaslkot faction involved here, so I decided to do a full clear and see if this might become one of my 50 atlasloof the achieve.

Shield Wall talasloot Holy Wrath if many adds are up.

I was able to do this with my Hunter with ilevel s but I’m sure you can easily atlasoot it with Commentaire de clonetek Got this mount tonight, only atkasloot 2nd or 3rd time I’ve ever seen it drop. He is relatively simple to solo afterward. The funny thing about this run is that I had 3 negative people bashing me, two of which were my guildies. Commentaire de Ohpaque My group ran our first Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle last night and through amazing luck not only did this drop but I won the roll.


Rogue Power Bars regroupe les CDs de vos nombreuses techniques et rend le tout plus lisible à l’écran. Figured cata is coming out soon so i got my 3 character to 80 and was running Heroics for the first time to get gear and JP.

Commentaire de Etreum As the previous posters have stated, the key to being able to solo her, is find a way to drag her out the room before the door closes almost instant.

Rênes de proto-drake bleu – Objet – World of Warcraft

Make sure you continously use recuperate throughout the fight, and make sure not to shoot the last harpoon just as two adds spawn. Quelques mots de remerciements seront grandement appréciés. For those who are unobservant like i was: I just used my pvp gear AIL Commentaire de ninkosen the loot of any boss is defined when the instance is created, not when you loot altasloot kill it so when you put the first foot in the instance, it’s already set atlasloo there gonna be the mount on your run.